About Me

To me, writing (along with making art) has always been a creative and therapeutic outlet for expressing my mind fluently. Especially when I’m not able to articulate something satisfactorily otherwise.

Having said that, I just recalled a piece of writing by Susan Cain and would like to add it as a quote here:

“To me, one of the best things in the world is that sublime moment when a writer, artist, or musician manages to express something you’ve always felt but never articulated, or at least never quite so beautifully.”

Susan Cain (Author of Quiet and Chief Revolutionary of Quiet Revolution)

I am in awe of this idea because it resonates with me on two levels.

First, I have experienced a few ‘sublime moments’ in the past via other writers, artists, or musicians, just like she did.

Second, I experienced that same ‘sublime moment’ right after I read this on her website. When I realized that she, as a writer, just managed to express beautifully what I’ve always felt but never articulated.

Hence, it’s like an equivalent of the ‘dream’ concept in the movie Inception. A thought within a thought, if there ever was one!